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Sunday, 29 November 2015

When unexpected things occur you have to take a philosophical view. So I can't help thinking that "it could have been worse" when today the hurricane finally found its way past the leylandii and one of my benches containing what I like to think of as my best specimens blew over. My benches are on a slope and the domino effect meant that it fell onto the bench below, a double tiered affair that promptly collapsed. Apparent damage amounted to two broken pots and three snapped b...ranches. Not bad considering that 14 trees ended up on the floor.
Looking more closely there are a couple of splits at bases of branches that have been taped up and only time will tell.
The greatest damage was done to a cedar that has lost a top front branch but "things happen for a reason" and the new space will allow the 2 trunks to be brought closer thus addressing the issue raised last time it was shown and that I've been avoiding.
The pictures were taken after everything was cleared up.

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1 comment:

Bryan Dillon said...

Shocking what's happened to your benches Mark!
Having just moved house all my trees are on the floor and I have no benches. If I did they would have been behind the fence panel that's just blown through :(