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Vale of Clwyd Bonsai are a group of enthusiasts who meet to work on all things Bonsai related.
You'll find us approachable and full of fun, always keen to talk Bonsai and willing to assist/encourage you in this absorbing pastime.

Venue: Level Road Community Centre. Hawarden, CH5 3 SB

Friday, 9 May 2014

The Club Logo

The workings of the new Vale of Clwyd Bonsai Society Logo...

The Vale of Clwyd Bonsai Society had decided to come up with a new design for printed/embroidered shirts. These are to be worn during our upcoming show. Also our Chairman is representing the UK at the new talent competition in Wroclaw.

The logo was to present a challenge. Getting it ready for print for the beginning of May, or even ready at all. With designers block, and my kids getting poorly time was ticking. Help came from fellow club member Ophelia who managed to click the final piece together.

Here is the thought process and the stages in the design.

First concept. Most logos for clubs start with a circle. Why??

They are an easy method of trying to encompass everything in a simple shape. I researched the idea around why we might use a circle and came across the term 'Enso'.

The ensō symbolizes absolute enlightenment, strength, elegance, the universe...

The circle. Looked a bit bland on its own. Let's enhance it a little. The tree silhouette looks great :)

Rotate the circle slightly. Give give empty space to the right.

Upon chatting to Ophelia a few more ideas were bounced around. How to represent 'learning' and 'the Vale'.

Ophelia's quick sketch showed a mountain range and a tree.

This beautiful tree was the basis for the element of 'learning'. A Parent tree nurturing and guiding the smaller tree. Blacken the image and remove some of the foliage to create a silhouette.

The image has come together, the Vale has been added and the three elements sit and encompass what were all about. Also giving meaning to our Logo.



The Vale of Clwyd Bonsai Society

The Finished Logo

The embroidered badge

Members at the club night on Sunday will be able to see the badge first hand.

See you there

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