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Vale of Clwyd Bonsai are a group of enthusiasts who meet to work on all things Bonsai related.
You'll find us approachable and full of fun, always keen to talk Bonsai and willing to assist/encourage you in this absorbing pastime.

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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

News Letter - 08 -13

Hiya hope your all fine and feeling dandy!
Last month saw the start of The Vale of Clywd Bonsai Society at the new venue in Hawden. The place is lovely and big and more importantly has tea and coffee makingfacilities. It started a little sad with everyone still in a state of shock over the loss of one of our much loved and knowledgeable members George. Being around others that knew him and seeing the trees brought in soon began to lift the spirits especially as a few of the trees belonged to a new member Mark and it's always good when new enthusiasm joins the club.  
So with a mug of tea/coffee in hand the meeting began. This month the meeting was a critique, where we asked you to bring along your trees for help and advise on stying. We had some great tree's come in and as well as learning a few things about design it was good to hear a fair few options of what you could do and how. If no one objects I will be putting some photos of the trees that Bren took on the blog. If you'd rather your tree didn't appear please let me know. 
So with the creative juices all a flowing it was decide that the next meeting would be a workshop starting at 5 and running till 8. Hopefully that'll give us all a chance to get working on our trees. The workshop is 'Trees that are different, unusual or have a good story behind them', but as always bring what you can.
Talking of workshops I went along to the Will Baddeley workshop at Simon Jones house last Monday I was a little nervous as I was the only person going from the club, but I have to say it was flipping brill! Apart from being made to feel more than welcome I discovered that my neighbour who I have just nodded to and waved at for the past 18 months is also into bonsai.
Will is a lovely and patient fella and really took his time making sure everyone got his attention. He did some carving and also showed us how to carve, once he did that everyone was away and he didn't get much of a look in! It was so addictive people were buying more trees from Simon just to do more! 
I didn't take anything to carve, but instead got some help the with big black pine of mine. I can really see where it's going now, but more importantly how to get it there. If we can do asimilar workshop next year I would really recommend it. You can see photos of the workshop at
So that's all the news I have remember next months meeting is Sunday September 8th 5-8pm.
See you there

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William Baddeley said...

Hello Phe. It was a pleasure to meet you on the Monday and I admire you for making the effort when you knew no one. Not easy!
I'm glad you found the workshop helpful and inspiring and I hope we all get together next year.
Regards, Will