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Saturday, 6 June 2009

Planted Aqaurium Mountainscape

My 60cm Red Cherry Shrimp Planted Aquarium - 4/6/2009
Originally uploaded by Stu Worrall

Just as an aside I thought I'd post this up. Its my most recent planted tank that im working on in the style of an Iwagumi which isa Japanease type mountain range.

I think it links in quite well with bonsai and Suiseki viewing stones.

There are no fish in there as its a red cherry shrimp breeding tank. There are about 30 shrimp in there at the moment munching away on any algae that forms.

Full journal wiuth other pics is on the UKAPS forum


Kev B said...

Really nice dramatic rock arrangement Stu. The planting looks excellent too.

Stu Worrall said...

thanks Kev, I forgot to put on the description that this was planted with Acadama as the main substrate with graded gravel around the edges. working out quite well at the moment