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Friday, 4 April 2008

Stolen Trees - Rhyl Area

First up apologies for the lack of updates since this blog was started last year.

Sadly one of our members in the Rhyl area has last night had some trees stolen from his garden. This is what ive received from Mark about the trees.
They include an Escallonia with extensively carved dead wood
A Large Chinese Juniper
Broom style Hawthorn
and 2 fairly large yews
I will be sending out pictures of these trees tomorrow but in the meantime please keep an eye out for anything that may fit the descriptions being sold in unusual circumstances.

Ill be getting a set of the pictures from Mark so will put them up here in case anyone is offered or sees any top quality trees for sale.


kevin said...

Thanks for posting this Stu. It's devastating news and I really feel for George. Let's try to catch these b******s.

kevin said...

I've emailed Fobbs, Wirral, Southport, Manchester and Cheshire Bonsai Societies. Fobbs are happy to put pictures on their front page. I also put up pictures of all the trees on the IBC.

Brennan said...

Its very sad that these scum of our society go to lengths to upset a nice gentleman that has never harmed any one in his life, If any one can give any information to this tragic theft please let us know all information will be in strictly confident if you can help then tell us now !!